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Experts Warning About New Dangerous Drug


A new drug known as "Smiles" is emerging across the United States.


The drug known, also known as 2CI, has caused overdoses in North Dakota, Minnesota and Indiana. Some of those overdoses have been fatal. Scott Watson with Heartland Intervention says its main ingredients are familiar drugs such as MDMA, also known as ecstasy, and a derivative of LSD. Watson says people tend to have graphic hallucinations after taking the drug.

Dr. Adam Sharp, an emergency physician at St. Vincent Hospital, says the drug causes people to have hypertension, increased heart rate, seizures and potentially respiratory failure. He says the hallucinogenic qualities of the drug make it attractive to users but its effects are much more severe than hallucinogenic drugs of the past.

Watson says the drug is mainly made in Europe and bought over the Internet and not in convenience stores or drug stores like bath salts or spice used to be found.


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