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ISO Offers New Deal to Musicians


(photo courtesy Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra)

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra management has offered a new deal to the ISO musicians.


The new five-year deal gives the musicians a $53,000 base salary for the first year, increasing to $70,000 on the fifth year. It also includes a 38 to 42 week schedule, just under the current scheduled of 45 and a half weeks and a 74 member orchestra which is up from the current 72. The proposed season would include all music series.

After the second year of the contract, each party can exercise a termination option which would allow for one year of negotiations on a new contract. The contract also states that all parties must work together to raise 50% to 100% more money each year in order to keep the ISO Foundation at a "financially responsible level."

If the musicians accept the deal, the ISO will pay the musicians the full annual salary under the contract with no reductions due to the concerts which have already been canceled. The musicians' health care benefits will also be reinstated to September 3. The musicians have until 6 p.m. Saturday to accept the new agreement.


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