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Victims' Advocates: Upgraded Domestic Violence Registry a Success

State Added Text Alerts, Searchable Database Last Year


A year after Indiana upgraded its domestic violence registry, victims' advocates are delighted with the results.

The state used a quarter-million-dollar Justice Department grant last year to upgrade the registry website to create a searchable database, where police officers and others can instantly check whether there's a protective order against an abuser. The grant has also allowed the state to send text and email alerts to victims to tell them when an order is issued, takes effect, or expires.

Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence legal director Kerry Blomquist says in addition to making orders more enforceable, the registry and alerts give victims peace of mind by letting them know action's officially been taken.

Blomquist says victims are at the highest risk immediately after they walk out for good. She says the new alerts let them know to put their guard up.


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