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Chamber, Mayor's Office, Blast Budget Proposal


A City-County Council committee has passed a proposal that would take about $15 million from the Capital Improvement Board.

Tammy Barney with the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce says she is sympathetic, but looting the CIB could have terrible consequences. Barney says there are alternatives that wouldn't cost as many jobs, and tourism dollars that might makes sense.

Barney says modernizing government by rolling back the homestead exemption could raise $8-million dollars, and more money could be saved if the county got rid of townships.

Ryan Vaughn, Mayor Ballard's Chief of Staff, says the City-County committee vote is political theater, and calls the vote meaningless.

Vaughn adds that there is also a structural deficit of about $35 million dollars in the most recent proposal, which makes Mayor Ballard's budget better for Indianapolis.


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