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Meningitis Outbreak "A Perfect Storm" Of Conditions According To Expert


Pharmaceutical Compounding has been in the spotlight since a fungal meningitis outbreak has sickened more than 200 people and killed 15. But how does a lab end up with tainted products, like a fungus growing in a steroid compound?


Amy Peak with the College of Pharmacy at Butler University says there was almost a perfect storm that caused the fungal meningitis outbreak.

Peak says a combination of a huge compounding pharmacy, a product that can't be produced with preservatives, along with an epidural that is injected into the spinal column, set the stage for a lot of people to get very ill.

Compounding Pharmacies are typically a lot smaller, according to Peak, who says operating at such a large scale, as the New England Compounding Center was, could easily lead to a large amount of tainted products that are distributed nationally.

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