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Donnelly Keeps Heat on Mourdock for Abortion Comment


Joe Donnelly ( photo: Eric Berman)

Democratic Senate nominee Joe Donnelly says Richard Mourdock's apology for a controversial response in their debate Tuesday doesn't go far enough.


Donnelly and Mourdock both oppose abortion, but Donnelly would allow exceptions in cases of rape or incest. Mourdock was trying to explain why he doesn't agree, when he said even a pregnancy resulting from rape is a pregnancy God must have intended.

Mourdock apologized Wednesday for his "lack of clarity" -- he says he meant only that all life is precious. In a brief Q&A with reporters Wednesday afternoon, Donnelly said the clarification doesn't fix the problem. He says suggesting a pregnancy under those circumstances is part of God's plan is "hurtful and insulting to women (and) rape survivors."

Donnelly notes presidential nominee Mitt Romney and gubernatorial nominee Mike Pence have condemned the comments, as has Jackie Walorski, who narrowly lost a congressional race to Donnelly in 2010 and is running again this year.

But Texas Senator John Cornyn, who chairs the National Republican Senatorial Committee, is standing by Mourdock.

And Mourdock's other opponent in next month's election says Mourdock's being criticized too harshly. Libertarian Andrew Horning, who's also anti-abortion, says Mourdock chose his words poorly in the pressure of the moment, but says if you believe God created life, the circumstances of conception are beside the point.

Horning joins Mourdock and Cornyn in accusing some Democrats of twisting the state treasurer's words beyond what he actually said. But he's also charging Pence with hypocrisy for quickly distancing himself from Mourdock after a long history of opposing abortion.

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