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Investigators Still Looking for Answers in Sunday's Massive Explosion


Richmond Hill neighborhood ( photo by Mike Corbin)

Crews and inspectors from several city departments are returning to the scene of that massive Southside explosion Monday.


They're trying to figure out exactly what caused the late Saturday night blast the killed two people and injured several others. The city is estimating the damage at about $3.6 million. Indianapolis Public Safety Director Troy Riggs says investigators are looking into whether it's gas-line related.

Citizens Gas spokesman Dan Considine says they're continuing to probe the scene.

"We're trying to determine if there's any gas in the ground that would indicate a leak. Thus far, we've not found any leaks in the area."

It happened in the Richmond Hills subdivision in the 8400 block of Fieldfare Way. That's near Sherman Drive and Stop 11 Road. Two homes were destroyed and dozens of others suffered significant damage.

Members of the Pretti family say they felt their entire house shake during the explosion. They live about a half-block away. Their home suffered blown out windows and garage doors.

"Well, we were just upstairs lying in my mom's bed and it just like shook the whole house and everything like fell down and stuff. It was pretty bad."

Mayor Spokesman Marc Lotter says of 126 homes in the area, 38 are inhabitable. Damage includes blown out windows, ripped out garage doors and walls blown off homes. Two other homes were destroyed by the resulting fire. Some 200 people were evacuated from their homes Saturday night and several stayed at a makeshift shelter at Mary Bryant Elementary School. It's believed the family that lives in the home was away on vacation, so no one was inside the home that exploded.


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