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Federal Investigators Looking Into Southside Explosion


Fire officials and neighbors surveyed damage Sunday in the Richmond Hill neighborhood. ( photo by Mike Corbin)

Indianapolis Public Safety Director Troy Riggs says federal investigors are helping in the probe into Saturday's house explosion on Southside.

Two people died and several others were hurt. He says it's going to take time to get the neighborhood back to normal. The city is estimating the damage at upwards of $4 million. He says it'll take days before some families are able to return to their homes. Riggs says it's ultimately up to the Department of Codes Enforcement to decide who returns to their homes and when.

Mayor Spokesman Marc Lotter says of 126 homes in the area, 38 are inhabitable. Damage includes blown out windows, ripped out garage doors and walls blown off homes. The blast destroyed two homes and two others were destroyed by the resulting fire.

The city will make sure assistance is provided to the homeowners..

"The Department of Code Enforcement will work with the insurance companies and the affected homeowners to make sure that they can stabilize the homes that can be stabilized. Obviously do anything we can to assist those that are being demolished" says Lotter.

 Some 200 people were evacuated from their homes Saturday night.


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