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Holiday Shopping Ads Showing Up Earlier than Normal


Retailers are already advertising their Black Friday deals.

Are you wondering why we're already seeing advertisements for holiday shopping?


Halloween was barely over before we started seeing holiday ads, including stores announcing their Black Friday deals.  Richard Measell, Assistant Professor of Economics at St. Mary's College, says one of the main reasons is Thanksgiving is coming as early as it possibly can this year on November 22.  He says with that in mind, it's not unusual to see retailers gearing up for the holiday season.

Measell says most retailers average 20 percent of their revenue during the holiday season and some could make as much as 40 percent which accounts for the early ads.  He says consumer confidence has been on the rise and some retailers are trying to take advantage of that.  He adds if some retailers don't do well during the holiday season, it could spell the end of business.

Measell says this time of year might be a high point for consumers, considering the fiscal cliff issue which could affect spending next month.  He says consumers aren't worried about it right now, but if the issue gets more attention, they could slow down spending closer to Christmas.


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