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Teachers, Law Enforcement, Learn About Social Media Danger For Kids


U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett ( file photo)

Kids have such easy access to the internet, but the U.S. attorney is warning parents and teachers that predators might have easier access to kids.


U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett is talking to Law enforcement, teachers, and victim advocates from all over the state discussing technology and how to protect kids.

Hogsett says children, despite filters, are finding ways to get to restricted sites but even worse, child predators are using technology to find kids. Hogsett says the number of cases that they prosecute for internet sex offenders is at a record high. Hogsett says he's seeing a lot more of what he calls sextortion cases too.

That's when predators use information or other photos from kids, to threaten them into taking pictures or videos of themselves. The seminar hosted in part by the U.S. Attorney was held in a packed auditorium at Pike High School.


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