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Senator To Push Teachers To Prove What They Teach

Bill from Senate education chairman is in lieu of a bill to teach creation in the classroom


State Senator Dennis Kruse (Indiana State Senate)

The chairman of the State Senate Education Committee says he will not try again to have creationism be taught in Indiana's public schools during the upcoming legislative session.


Instead, Republican Senator Dennis Kruse says he will push a bill that would allow students to question teachers and force them to prove the veracity of matters that they teach.  "Another way to say it is it might proof-text you. If you're teaching something, then a student could question that and say how do you know that is true? So the teacher would have to come up with different sources to say why this is true," said Kruse.

A bill backed by Kruse that allowed schools to teach religious-based interpretations of how the earth came into being passed the State Senate last year.  But the bill was killed in the House by Speaker Brian Bosma when he assigned it to the Rules Committee rather than the education committee. At the time, Bosma said he was afraid of a long court fight if the bill became law.

Kruse says this bill will spell out situations in which students will be able to essentially force teachers to use multiple sources to prove that what they are teaching is true if the student has doubts.  "It won't mention creation. It won't mention religion. It won't mention what they have to teach. It'll just be more of a general statement in the area of what I would call truth in education."



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