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IU Health Doctor Skeptical of Link Between Chemical and Allergies


Food allergies affect 15 million Americans and that number is growing, but doctors aren't exactly sure why. 


In the 10 years between 1997 and 2007, allergies were up almost 20%. A new study points to dichlorophenols as one possible cause. The research suggests dichlorophenols, chemicals used in pesticides and water chorination, could be to blame for more allergies. But IU Health allergist Dr. Frederick Leickly cautions that the report doesn't make any direct correlation between the chemical and allergies, or explain why those chemicals would make us more allergic as a population. 

Leickly doesn't discount the study, he says there are lots of reasons why a chemical in water could lead to allergies, just by changing bacteria, and body chemistry.  Leickly says the rise in allergies is real, but the research isn't there to make a direct connection as to why. 


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