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Daniels Celebrates Last Statehood Day As Governor

Spends much of his time talking to school kids in attendance


Governor Daniels talks to kids at the Statehood Day Ceremony ( photo: Ray Steele)

Indiana is 196 years old today.


While Statehood Day at the Indiana Statehouse wasn't as big as it will be when the state's Centennial is celebrated a few years from now, it was poignant for Mitch Daniels - it's his last Statehood Day as govenor.  "(I'll miss the events) with kids in it, yeah," Daniels said.  "The only time I ever run late is when I'm around a bunch of little ones, and it's too much fun not to talk to every one of them."

Daniels tried to explain to the crowd of about 200 kids from eight schools why the Statehouse and governor's office actually belong to them and everyone else in Indiana.  "We try to do it year in and year out.  You hope that they get a little sense, even at the age of nine or ten, that it's a big day, that birthdays after all are important, and get a little flavor for history."

The winner of the annual Statehood Day essay contest was Jamie Poynter, a fourth-grader at Greenwood Bible Baptist School. She read her essay "What Indiana Means to Me" to close the program.  The governor was impressed.  "I've been coming to these for eight years, and I don't remember a better or more literary essay.  That little girl is ahead of her time."

The program included presentations on the Indiana Constitution by state archivists and a performance by the Muncie Central High School choir. 



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