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Richmond Hill Residents React To Arrests


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Residents of the Richmond Hill subdivision have been waiting for some type of closure since the deadly November 10th house explosion, and now that process can begin with the arrest of three people.


Resident Mark Browne says he wasn't surprised. "From the day it happened, no one thought this was an accident, no one."  Browne says many residents thought Monserrate Shirley, her boyfriend Mark Leonard, and his brother Bob Leonard Jr., were guilty in some way. "Just too many circumstances, you just can't have that many things fall in line to make them not guilty of what happened."

Neighborhood homeowner Mandy Cross says many residents were suspicious soon after the explosion. "I think in the beginning no one really knew and then once Citizen's Gas did their investigation, and people have actually come into our home because our home was identical to their home so just kind of doing the investigation and things I think people kind of started thinking otherwise."

Jeff Cross says the neighborhood residents just want the investigation and court proceedings to play out, and they hope that justice is served.


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