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Richmond Hill Trio Get Jury Trial Date


Each of the trio charged in the Richmond Hill subdivision explosion faces jury trial March 4th.

Monseratte Shirley, Mark Leonard and Bob Leonard all appeared in Marion County Criminal Court for separate initial hearings Monday. They face dozens of charges that include murder and arson following the explosion that killed two, Dion and Jennifer Longworth, wounded dozens of others and damaged more than 80 houses.

Pam Longworth is the aunt of Dion Longworth.  "I hope the inmates in prison pay them back multiple times for the suffering that Dion went through when he was pinned inside that house when it collapsed and seeing the fire coming and him burning alive, screaming for the fire department and rescue people to see and hear until he died." Longworth said.

Elaine Scorgea says the arrest of the trio provides some vindication, but it doesn't bring her son, Dion and his wife Jennifer back. Several residents attended the hearing. Barry and Jill Chipman say they simply want to see justice done, whether it be life in prison or the death penalty for each. All three are being held without bond.


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