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Flu Spreading Across Indiana/U.S.


It appears winter 2013 will be a tough flu season.


The Indiana Department of Health says there have been seven flu-related deaths since November in the state. More than 38 states including Indiana are reporting either high or moderate levels of flu-like illness. So far, 18 children have died from flu-associated deaths nationwide. More than 15,000 cases have been reported with 2,000 people hospitalized. Flu weakens the immune system.

Respiratory Epidemeologist Shawn Richards says the virus that's predominating is called H3N2. However, she adds that they're also seeing other respiratory ailments that mimic flu. She says people who've received flu shots this year are pretty well protected against the strain. Richards says flu vaccine isn't 100% fullproof, but adds you don't get flu from the actual vaccine.


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