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Social Media Expert On Privacy


An Indiana social media expert says there's really no such thing as complete privacy on social media.


Slingshot SEO Community Manager Steven Shattuck says "oversharing" on social media can get people into trouble. Shattuck says it's a treacherous path for those who overshare personal information on social media and yet expect privacy at the same time. He says many people on social media wrongly assume they have privacy despite those so-called privacy settings. Shattuck says privacy settings are often complicated and sometimes complete strangers (not friends or even friends of friends) may still be able to see information that people think is "private."

Shattuck says that people who are very concerned about protecting their privacy may not want to be on social media period. He adds that everyone needs to understand that social media networks view people not as "customers," but rather as "products." Shattuck says social media platforms take your personal data and activity and tailor ads based on that data. He says that if people understood that they're seen as products that may help them be more vigilant about their social media activity.


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