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Teenage Girls Binge Drinking

Young Females At Risk Of Long Term Consequences



Binge drinking isn't confined to the frat house.  About 20-percent of high school girls, in Indiana and across the nation, are binge drinking.  


Researchers for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found girls have easy access to alcohol, making for a dangerous combination that not only contributes to long term health problems and can also make them targets for domestic battery and sexual assault.  

And it starts in the home. 

"We need to make sure that the alcohol is locked away from the kids, says Bill Stanczykiewicz, President and CEO of the Indiana Youth Institute.  "The second thing we need to do as adults, those of us who do use alcohol, is to use it responsibly so that our kids can observe how alcohol is consumed responsibly."

Stanczykiewicz is concerned about the popularity of wine coolers, one of the flavored drinks that typically appeal to younger females.  

"Boys tend to drink beer," he said.  "The girls tend to drink the flavored drinks, the wine coolers and the other mixed beverages, the sweeter beverages."

And female physiology is different, he said, allowing alcohol to affect girls stronger and faster.


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