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Doctor Not Surprised by Rise in ER Visits from Energy Drink Consumption


An Indiana doctor says it its not surprising that the number of emergency room visits due to energy drink consumption has increased in recent years.


National statistics released by the federal government indicate the number of ER visits doubled from 2007 to 2011.  Dr. Christopher Doehring with Fransciscan St. Francis Health says the high amount of caffeine in energy drinks can trigger anything from increased heart rate to heart attacks in normal adults. However, he says more and more cases are involving teenagers or young adults who are also mixing the drinks with alcohol and/or drugs.

Dr. Doehring says often times those who find themselves in the ER have consumed several energy drinks over a short amount of time.  He says that can be dangerous on the body considering one serving is the equivelant of a few cups of coffee.

Dr. Doehring says there is also a myth that drinking energy drinks with alcohol or drugs counteracts the intoxication effect which simply is not true.


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