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Riggs Announces DPS 'Efficiency Teams'


( photo: Mike Corbin)

Indianapolis Public Safety Director Troy Riggs announced what he calls a new business approach to tackle some issues faced by various departments under his authority.


He says DPS is forming numerous "efficiency teams." Riggs says the teams will consist community residents and personnel from various departments. The teams will act as focus groups that will discuss issues like city business plans, police morale, police personnel allocation and switching the city's personnel fleet to hybrid and electric power.

Riggs says the teams will differ from focus groups in that they'll come up with actual recommendations and possible solutions to issues faced by various DPS departments. He says four teams are currently forming online and will later meet in person. Riggs says the goal is to convene more than two dozen teams over the next year. He adds that even if teams come up with great suggestions that cost money, he'll find the money to implement them with DPS' current budget. He says people can email for more information.


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