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Kids At Risk On Playgrounds

Local Expert Says Funding Creates Limits


A recent study looked at Chicago Parks and found that playgrounds in poorer neighborhoods weren't necessarily as safe as other, more affluent neighborhoods, but how does that hold up in Indiana?


Dawn Daniels assesses playground safety and other risk prevention for Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.  She says it's not so much the neighborhoods, but the focus the community puts into the parks. 

Daniels say public schools have some especially hard choices to make when it comes to better funding for playgrounds, because there is such a finite amount of money for recreation.  Some of the public safety issues at the playgrounds mostly revolve around a lack of surfacing, or playground mulch, which can cause a lot of twists and even breaks because of the lack of shock absorbtion. 

Daniels says the playground sends about 70 kids to the Riley emergency room every year.


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