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Military Seeing Rise in Personnel Suicides


Even as many military service men and women are returning home, the number of suicides among military personnel is rising.


The Pentagon says there were 349 suicides among active-duty service members last year, which is an increase from 301 the year before.  Kim Ruocco with the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, or TAPS, says there's a correlation between the length of time service members serve and the amount of stress they have to deal with.

Ruocco says many times, service members are hestitant to seek help when they need it.  She says they are used to handling a lot of pressure on their own shoulders and being the go-to person so when they get to the point when they need help, they don't feel comfortable.  She says they are afraid that it's going to to change the way people view them.

Ruocco says if those in need seek help when they first start dealing with these issues, treatment can help.  She says she thinks the military should make mental health treatment mandatory for all military personnel which would help normalize the issue and reduce the stigma associated with it.


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