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Teen Girl Leaps From Moving Car To Avoid Attack


Lawrence Police say they're still investigating the case of a teenaged girl who jumped from a moving car to avoid performing a sex act on her ex-boyfriend.


According the police report, the young lady stated that the 23-year-old male held a taser and his pants were unbuttoned while he repeatedly said to the girl "it's gonna happen." The report says the incident occurred while he was driving the 16-year-old home Tuesday night. The report says while making the demand, the young man started speeding in the car in the 5900 block of Honeywell Drive.

The girl told police she became increasingly frightened as the car moved faster. That's when she says she opened the car door and jumped out. Police say she hit her head on the pavement and suffered road rashes on her back and a cut on her hand. The girl's mom arrived and took her to the emergency room. The young man's vehicle is described as a gray or silver, four-door Chevy or possibly PT Cruiser.


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