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Indy "Eyeing" 2018 Super Bowl Bid


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Indiana Sports Corporation President Allison Melangton says supporters are "eyeing 2018" for another Super Bowl bid for Indianapolis.


Melangton says they have until May 2014 to submit the bid. She says they'll pay close attention to this coming May when the NFL awards bids for 2016 and 2017. Melangton says she doesn't believe Indy's status as a "cold weather" city will have much impact on the NFL's decision making.

She says Indianapolis was the only city in the history of Super Bowl bids to have raised millions prior to making the bid. She believes the move gave Indy a leg up on the process and adds the city will raise money before hand again although she adds the NFL does not require it. Melangton says the host committee had a cold weather plan for Super Bowl 46 which ultimately wasn't needed, but adds it'll be a key part of plans for another bid.


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