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Sunday Alcohol Ban Will Finally Get Debate in Legislature


The Indiana House plans to hold its first-ever committee hearing on whether to lift the state's ban on Sunday alcohol sales.

Study committees have reviewed the so-called blue law, but when House Public Policy Chairman Bill Davis (R-Portland) gavels in his committee, it'll be the first time the House has considered a bill on the subject. Davis says he hasn't decided whether he'll allow a vote on the bill, nor which way he'll vote himself if he does. But he says lobbyists on both sides have been pressing the issue anyway, and the debate might as well take place in public.

The law has long pitted two groups of retailers against each other in mortal combat, with supermarkets arguing customers deserve the convenience of seven-day-a-week availability, and liquor stores warning they'd be driven out of business if they have to compete on Sundays.


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