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Indiana Congresswoman Delivers GOP Weekly Address


Indiana's freshman Congresswoman Susan Brooks (R-IN5) delivered this week's Republican address, pointing to the Hoosier state as a model lawmakers in Washington D.C. could learn from. Rep. Brooks cited Indiana's "Triple A" credit rating and budget surplus.

She also praised Hoosiers for working together. "The secret to our state's success has always been a value system that promotes a strong sense of responsibility and accountability - as family members, taxpayers and community volunteers."

Brooks says it's time for lawmakers on both sides to come together and balance the country's checkbook. "Republicans will work tirelessly to hold the Democratic majority in Washington accountable and make sure, together, we seize this opportunity,"

"Remarkably, there are leaders in Washington who don't understand why it's so important for us to have a budget," Brooks said. "One Senate Democrat said a budget was not all that meaningful; another said it would just be foolish. I respectfully disagree and I'm sure many hard working parents do as well."

You can watch the full address here.


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