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Lamkin: "Can Do" Community Helps ISO Hit $5 Million Fundraising Goal


(photo courtesy Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra)

The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO) says it has met its $5 million fundraising goal.  It was part of contract talks between the symphony organization and musicians union. ISO Board of Directors Chairperson Martha Lamkin says that means the contract and planned symphony performances will continue as scheduled. She says they're happy with the number of donations that poured in at the final moment.

Lamkin says the holidays removed a big chunk of fundraising time for the board and staff. She says "The musicians have been hard at work reaching out to people they know and they've given us more than 1600 contacts of their own and the board and staff have just worked night and day to bring this to a successful close." Jim Irsay and Herb Simon were among the big gift givers.

Lamkin says negotiations with the union last fall were painful, but both sides have come up with a model that pleases all sides. She says the money from new donors will help the symphony operate for the next five years.  She says "This is a 'can do' community and with very painful negotiations last fall, the musicians, board and our staff have been able to come together around a model that we think works for Central Indiana and we're very pleased."

Lamkin says they were trying to raise an additional $1 million per year for the next five years. However, work on annual fundraising will continue. Lamkin says they'll appeal to the Lilly Foundation for an additional $2 million grant.

Meantime, the musicians union's top negotiator Rick Graef says musicians felt they had to pull together and work with management on meeting the fundraising goal and deadline. Graef says some disagreement about the future of the ISO remains, but musicians are focused on doing what's best for the organization and music loving community.

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