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IN Health Department Confirms Purdue Case Of Typhoid Fever


Indiana Department of Health officials have confirmed a case of typhoid fever.


They say a food handler at Purdue University in West Lafayette has come down with the ailment. Director of Surveillance and Investigations Tom Duszynski says the state is investigating the case with the Tippecanoe County Health Department. Duszynski says they were notified about the case from a local doctor. He says they cannot say anything else about the patient, but confirms the food handler is recovering. The food handler confirmed recent international travel.

Typhoid fever is a life-threatening illness caused by bacterium in the salmonella family. Duszynski says it's usually passed by someone who doesn't wash their hands after using the restroom. People contract it by eating food or drinking beverages handled by that person. It can also be spread through sewage contaminated with the bacteria that gets into the water supply.

Officials say some 400 cases of the ailment occur every year in the U.S. About 75 percent of cases are contracted during international travel. Tyhoid Fever is still common in Third World nations. Duszynski says anyone who ate at the Boiler Bistro, John Purdue Room or the coffee shop called Lavazza at Marriott Hall from January 23rd through the 25th at Purdue may be at risk.

Symptoms include: high fever, weakness, stomach pains, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or rashes. Symptoms begin 8-14 days after exposure. The ailment is treated with antibiotics.


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