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Indiana Congressmen React to Obama's State of the Union Address


Indiana representatives in Congress are reacting to President Obama's State of the Union address.


Republican congressmen Todd Rokita (IN-4) and Luke Messer (IN-6) say there were parts of the president's speech that were encouraging.  Rokita says he wants to look deeper into Obama's proposal on early childhood education.  However, Rokita says President Obama was dead wrong both on the nation's debt and gun control.  He says none of the president's proposals would have prevented the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. 

"What it would do is make all of us less safe by prohibiting and restricting the good the guys; the good citizens of Indiana from carrying firearms and that's the best protection against the bad people," Rokita says.

Messer also disagreed with Obama's stance on gun control, saying he wants to take away citizens' second amendment rights.  Messer added that he was discouraged by the lack of specifics on the nation's spending and steps to reduce the national debt.

However, Messer said there were a few items in Obama's speech that encouraged him.  "I was encouraged by his statements about the need for tax reform.  I believe that we do need to take a look at comprehensive immigration reform.  I think if he'll focus on spending and entitlement reform, those are all areas where we have the potential to work together."

In a prepared statement, Democratic congressman Andre Carson (IN-7) said, "These are immense challenges that present dire consequences if we fail to act.  The politics will not be easy, but Republicans and Democrats must come together to ensure our nation continues to pursue the prosperity and progress that have defined us for generations."


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