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Airline Merger Impact On Indianapolis Airport May Be Minimal


The U.S Airways merger with American Airlines will create the nation's largest airline, but only the third largest in terms of passenger market share at Indianapolis International Airport.

That's according to airport spokesman Carlo Bertolini. Bertolini says the consolidation raises concerns about consumer choice and the potential for higher airfares. He says questions also remain about what impact the merger will have on the number of gates at the airport.

Bertolini says American currently carries about 10% of the Indianapolis International Airport's passenger market which makes it the 5th largest and U.S. Air carries about 13% of the Indy market, making it the 4th largest. Bertolini says combined, they'll become 3rd behind the currently merging Southwest and AirTran which are tops in passenger market share and Delta which is currently number two.

Both U.S Air and American fly to four non-stop destinations out of Indianapolis International Airport and Bertolini says none of those destinations overlap. For American, they include: Chicago and Dallas and for U.S Airways, they're Charlotte, Philadelphia and Washington DC. Bertolini says passengers won't see any immediate impact because the merger remains under regulatory scrutiny followed by procedural issues involved in typical airline mergers.

He says the airport did not lose any services back in 2010 when United and Continental merged. He says those airlines also had very minimal overlapping which didn't require the elimination of routes or services. Ultimately, Bertolini says this latest merger will be a wait and see.


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