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Internet Pharmacies Could Be Dangerous

Drugs May Be Fakes


Substandard or fake medications may have a global health impact, but the impact is felt in Indiana as well.  A new report finds that 124 countries were affected by the illegal medicines in 2011 alone.


"These are drugs that are being sold on the internet," says Abby Kuzma, Indiana Attorney General's Office.  "And frequently, the ones that are not legitimate are frequently being sold from countries outside of the United States."

Kuzma says the fake medications could contain toxic levels of a dangerous substances, like arsenic, usually found in rat poison. She says the best way to avoid these scams is to get your medication through a provider that is recognized by your insurance company.  

Kuzma also says anyone who markets illegal drugs, probably is involved in other illegal activity, which could include identity theft, hacking, or other crimes that could take a big bite out of your wallet.


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