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House, Senate at Odds Over Training Institute for Principals

Supporters say principals need extra training for new teacher evaluations


The House will send its budget to the Senate today, and one area of disagreement between the chambers has already emerged.


The Senate will vote tomorrow on establishing a training institute at Indiana State for school principals. Two committees have already endorsed the idea, with just one dissenting vote. But House Republicans deleted funding for principal training from their budget -- Ways and Means Chairman Tim Brown says that's something dues-paying organizations can do instead of the state.

Todd Bess with the Indiana Association of School Principals says the association does conduct workshops and district meetings, but says ISU would have more resources for training and could assemble a more focused curriculum. With principals now responsible for more detailed teacher evaluations, he says it's training they need.

The Department of Education had a Principal Leadership Academy until 2009, when then-superintendent Tony Bennett abolished it. Reestablishing it at ISU had been budgeted at $300,000 a year.


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