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Ball State Survey Shows Students Hate Smart Phone Ads


A new Ball State University survey shows college students with smart phones are growing increasingly annoyed by ads from marketers.

Michael Hanley is an advertising professor and director of Ball State's Institute for Mobile Media Research. Henley says many students' lives revolve around smart phones and 83 percent of them are not happy with marketing. That figure is up from 68 percent in 2012. Hanley says smart phone penetration for U.S. adults now tops 54 percent.

Hanley says college students say they're less likely to buy from a business after seeing an ad and 58 percent don't even want to get coupons or discounts on their phones. The study also shows that 68 percent of young smart phone users' parents pay for the devices. Most students report using the devices for downloading music, apps, videos and books.

The survey also shows that more than half of all students report buying products and accessing websites for entertainment and concert information, movies, news and weather information. Only one-third of students use their smart phones to actually talk on the phone.


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