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Feds Lay Out Indiana Sequester Impact


Obama administration officials are urging Congress to come together to avert fallout from the sequester this Friday.

March 1st is the deadline for a series of automatic federal cuts to take effect if lawmakers can't agree on a plan to avoid the cuts and reduce the federal deficit. Adminstration officials cite the impact on states to the tune more than $85 billion over the next seven months.

In Indiana, cuts would include: 11,000 civilian Department of Defense workers would be furloughed to the tune of nearly $65 million, $13.8 million in primary and secondary education lost, $12.4 million in education for kids with disabilities and more than 2100 fewer low income students would get financial aid. Indiana would also lose $3.3 million in funding for the environment and the state would lose more than $800,000 in meal assistance for seniors among many other cuts.

Officials say the cuts are merely this year alone. They add Congress can avert the cuts by agreeing on a plan.



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