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Senior Judge Faces Discplinary Charges



Disciplinary charges have been filed against a Senior Judge who served Pulaski and Fulton Counties. The charges against Lisa Traylor-Wolff stem from allegations she had an inappropriate relationship with a criminal defendant she represented. The Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications charges that Traylor-Wolff violated the code of conduct. The Commission states the charges are only allegations, and the five members of the Supreme Court will determine if they are true.

Senior Judges work on a part-time basis filling in for trial court judges. The allegations are that Traylor-Wolff had a physically intimate relationship with a 26-year old client that she was appointed to represent on felony charges. The person was eventually convicted and sentenced, but she continued to represent the client on appeal. The Commission alleges Traylor-Wolff inappropriate conduct happened when she and the client were in an attorney-client visitation room at the Miami Correctional facility.

Taylor-Wolff did not ask to be recertified as a senior judge this year, but she continues to face three charges of violating the Code of Judicial Conduct. Traylor-Wolff can filed an "answer" to the charges within 20 days of receiving notice of the charges. The Supreme Court has final authority over judicial discipline.


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