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Purdue Expert: Sequester Could Clobber Aviation Industry


A Purdue aviation expert says the airlines could get clobbered if President Obama and Congress don't reach a deal to avoid across the board federal cuts Friday.

Brent Bowen is head of aviation technology at Purdue. He says cuts would impact the Federal Aviation Administration, which would have to furlough employees. The FAA has been warning about the possible impact. Bowen says the ripple effects would include flight delays, canceled flights and fewer flights. Bowen says the FAA and the airlines have so many moving parts these days and one abnormality easily affects many others.

However, on a hopeful note, Bowen says since so many members of Congress are frequent flyers, perhaps the possible impact will motivate them to avert any problem by coming together and hammering out a deal to end the sequester. Bowen will release an Airline Quality Rating report April 8th at the National Press Club in Washington.


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