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Indy Hairstylists Take Lotto Jackpot Battle To Court


Hairstylists head into Marion County court. ( photo by Mike Corbin)

The attorney for an Indiana woman says his client bought the winning $9.5 million Hoosier Lotto ticket in the same store she bought pool tickets for co-workers.

This following a hearing Wednesday in Marion County Civil Court where seven Indianapolis hair stylists are battling over the ticket that won the February 16th drawing. Attorney Kent Smith told reporters that it's his understanding that Christina Shaw did not buy the ticket in a separate location from pool tickets. During the hearing, all of the hairstylists testified that they made an oral agreement that whenever they bought pool lottery tickets, the purchaser could not buy personal tickets in the same location or at the same time. They also testified that if the buyer violated the agreement, any winning ticket would become part of the employee pool.

Attorney Scott Montross is seeking a preliminary injunction to prevent the Hoosier Lottery from distributing the jackpot to Shaw. The court has extended a temporary restraining order on the jackpot pending the judge's decision expected by Friday. Montross says following the preliminary injunction, his clients will likely file a complaint to get their share of the money. Montross says oral agreements do indeed standup in court. He says his clients - none of whom would talk with media - want to split the money equally and want to negotiate.

Meantime, Smith says he needs more time to talk with his client about her next move. Shaw was not in court Wednesday.


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