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Most at Atterbury and Muscatatuck Wouldn't Feel Sequestration


Soldiers from the WVa. National Guard train at Camp Atterbury, June 2012
(Photo courtesy Camp Atterbury)

While the potential sequestration issue on Capitol Hill is touching many aspects of government, Camp Atterbury and the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center would likely not feel much of an impact.

Major Lisa Kopczynski, public relations officer for Camp Atterbury and Muscatatuck, says some temporary federal technicians could be let go. "People will likely be terminated based on their temporary status," she said. "The effects of the sequestration itself will be of little impact here at Camp Atterbury and Muscatatuck. Permanent federal technicians, however, are impacted potientially by the furlough, possibly one day a week, until the sequestration is resolved."

As far full-time federal workers, Kopczynski says they may see their work week shortened from five days to four until lawmakers reach an agreement. "The larger impact won't be known probably for about a year or so," she said. "But the key thing is we're postured to be as active as we have been as we transition from war time to peace time operations. The changes at Camp Atterbury that are ongoing is not due to the sequestration but really is due to the draw down of troops overseas."

Kopczynski says Atterbury is expected to remain an important military asset, as it will continue to host training exercises for the military and National Guard units from across the country.


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