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Animal Control and IMPD Nab Suspected "Dog Flipper"


An Indianapolis man faces charges after authorities say he engaged in "dog flipping."


Indianapolis Animal Care and Control officials say authorities began investigating Johnny Jones Jr. in January. This after a couple called police saying their German Shepherd had been stolen in a Craigslist scam. Police had been monitoring Jones who had been flagged as a possible dog flipper. Dog flippers get dogs for free or very cheap and flip them for profit like house flippers flip houses. Police say there are no law regulating it.  However, police confiscated firearms and four dogs from Jones' home during their search.

They add some folks steal dogs and house them in horrid puppy mill-like conditions. They say Jones acquired German Shepherds, Rottweillers and Pit Bulls from unsuspecting owners on Craigslist and other sources. They believe Jones may also be linked to even stealing some dogs right out of people's yards. They say he also gave some dogs attack training. A German Shepherd owner found her dog because she had had it micro-chipped. Jones is charged with being a serious violent felon in possession of firearm. Police confiscated firearms, four dogs from Jones' home during their search.


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