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U.S. Supreme Court And Hoosiers Debate Gay Marriage


As the U.S. Supreme Court takes up the issue of same sex marriage, Hoosiers are also debating the issue.


Rick Sutton of Indiana Equality Action says gays are due the same Constitutional protections as other Americans. Sutton says domestic violence and the current divorce rate in the nation show that the sanctity of marriage went out the window long ago. Sutton says gays pose no threat to the sanctity of marriage. He says he believes the issue may come down to four votes on each side of the court. He thinks the court will rule by June. Sutton says the types of questions justices ask will help reveal where they stand on the issue. Sutton says his group is also watching the Indiana Legislature as they monitor the proceedings.

Meantime, Eric Miller of Advance America says it's in the best interest of society, Indiana and America for marriage to remain an institution confined to the unity of a man and a woman. Miller says gay couples can choose to be couples, but the government should not change the definition of marriage. He says it's the beginning of the "homosexual agenda" that would give transgender men legal access to women's public restrooms among other things and would make marriage amount to nothing.


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