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Suspects in South Side Explosion Won't Face Trial Until June 2014


Mark Leonard, Monseratte Shirley, Bob Leonard Jr. (Photos courtesy: IMPD)

It will be at least June of next year before the three suspects face trial for numerous felony counts, including murder, in the Richmond Hill subdivision explosion.


Marion County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Denise Robinson says the state will likely call 150 witnesses and have numerous boxes of documents. Robinson and defense attorneys expect the trial to last up to seven weeks. 

Defense attorney Jim Voyles indicated during a pretrial conference Wednesday that the case of his client, Monserrate Shirley, will take four weeks alone. Voyles appeared to indicate that he may request to have Shirley tried separately from boyfriend Mark Leonard and his brother Bob Leonard. Robinson maintains they conspired together and they should be tried together. 

Meantime, Richmond Hill resident Roz Aldridge says she's growing weary of the time involved in getting the case to trial. Aldridge says the community is continuing to mend following the blast last year that killed two people and damaged dozens of homes.  Judge Sheila Carlisle has set another pre-trial conference date for June 21 at 1 pm.

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