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Charges Filed in 36-Year-Old Homicide Case


Charges have been filed in a homicide case that dates back over 30 years.


Prosecutors have charged Michael Ackerman of Indianapolis with second degree murder in the death of 18-month-old Billy Wood in 1977.  Marion County Deputy Prosecutor Denise Robinson says the investigation, which was revamped in February of this year, involved going back to the case with a fresh perspective.

Robinson says they went back and looked over the evidence from 1977 and there was some information they obtained from witness statements this year.  She says while the original pathologist in the case ruled Billy's death a homicide, it's not clear how the coroner's office ruled the death which is where part of the ambiguity in the case began.

A probably cause affadavit says Ackerman was dating the boy's mother and was babysitting the boy and his sister at the time of his death.  Robinson says these new charges show that even though a case may be cold for a long time, it's never really forgotten.


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