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Indiana Neurologist Supports New Therapy for Alzheimer's


An Indiana neurologist is supporting a relatively new therapy for Alzheimer's patients.

Dr. Martin Farlow is a neurologist at the IU School of Medicine in Indianapolis. Dr. Farlow says instead of addressing the symptoms of Alzheimer's like many other therapies, this one addresses one of the effects of Alzheimer's.

Researchers have determined the one of the effects of the disease is the energy "starvation" of neurons in the brain through the suppression of glucose. Dr. Farlow says this new approach creates ketones that can provide energy for cells when glucose levels are depleted. 

Although the therapy is still in clinical trials, doctors have found the patient has better focus, is less confused, and can better answer questions. Dr. Farlow says the therapy is an alternative to the other treatments out there, but contends all of the treatments help in some way, depending upon the patient.


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