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DNR Sends Out Boating Safety Warnings


It's a warning you hear every year at the start of every boating season, but the Indiana Department of Natural Resources says boating safety remains a big issue.


DNR Spokesman Lt. Bill Brown says there have already been 19 drownings on state waterways so far this year. Brown says there were 66 drownings in 2011 and 52 drownings in 2012. He adds there were 62 boating accidents last year with two fatalities. Brown says boating while intoxicated is also on the rise in Indiana. He says no container law means some boaters overindulge and often don't have designated drivers.

Brown says the majority of boating fatalities are also the result of people who weren't wearing life jackets. Brown says it's also illegal for boaters to ride on the gunwales - sides of boats - or the bow. He says both present major safety hazards. He also adds that the nighttime boating speed on Indiana waterways is ten miles per hour.


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