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Fort Wayne Schools Mulling State Cuts/Obamacare


Financially-strapped Indiana school districts are still measuring the potential impact of Obamacare.


Fort Wayne Community Schools Spokesperson Krista Stockman says the district is facing a decrease in state funding over the next couple of years and had to reduce spending. Stockman says the Affordable Care Act caused them to make quicker decisions. She says Obamacare would've cost the district $10 million to insure 840 part-time workers. Stockman says the district isn't currently paying that expense and given state funding reduction, couldn't take on the added cost. That means reduced hours for part-timers who are eligible for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act if they work 30 hours per week.

Stockman says the district is adding healthcare for 200 workers in the district, but they cannot afford to offer it to 610 others. Stockman says they believe everyone deserves quality healthcare, but they simply can't wing it. The Affordable Care Act takes effect January 1st.


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