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Substitute Teacher Upset with Losing Work Hours Due to Obamacare


One substitute teacher in Indianapolis is upset with the Affordable Care Act forcing her school district to cut the hours of substitute teachers.

Janice Gudeman is a substitute teacher for Washington Township Schools and says the district is cutting the hours of substitute teachers so it doesn't have to offer them health insurance.  Gudeman says starting this fall, substitutes will be limited to an average of four days per week or eight days in a two-week period.

Gudeman says she typically works ten days in a two-week period because the district is already short on substitute teachers.  "I usually have to run from one part of the building to the other and cover for another teacher because they already don't have enough substitute teachers and I've been a floater too, so that means I substitute for several teachers in one day."

Gudeman says she's been in contact with the offices of Indiana Representative Susan Brooks and Senator Dan Coats who both told her they're still fighting Obamacare.  She says she has her own private health insurance and doesn't want insurance from the district.  She says she just wants to do her job as she always has.

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