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Indiana Youth Institute Says Teen Unemployment Remains High


The Indiana Youth Institute says teen unemployment remains a big problem in the state because many teens lack "soft skills."


IYI President Bill Stanczykiewicz says Indiana's teen jobless rate mirrors the national teen unemployment rate of 25 percent this summer. He says the problem is worse for low income, inner-city teens with less education.

Stanczykiewicz says the U.S. Department of Labor expected the number of part-time summer jobs to rise to 1.7 million nationwide this summer. That figure is about the same as in 2006 before the Great Recession. He says the bulk of those jobs are in restaurants, retail, movie theaters and landscaping among other areas.

However, Stanczykiewicz says many young people remain unemployed due to transportation issues, but also because they lack skills that include: how to get along with co-workers, dressing appropriately, showing up on time and customer service.


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