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White Says Law Blocks Granting of Same Sex Marriage Licenses


Prosecutors across Indiana are mulling over an issue involving possible perjury and same sex marriages.


Marion County Clerk Beth White says she and most clerks across Indiana cannot legally provide marriage licenses to same sex couples. White cites there's the potential for perjury on the license applications that spell out "male applicant" and "female applicant." White says it's another way clerks are struggling with the issue.

White says there has been no change in the law regarding perjury on public documents. She says providing false information has always been considered a crime. White says same-sex couples are welcome to fill out applications for marriage licenses, but she simply cannot legally issue a license regardless of her personal opinion on the same-sex marriage issue. White says she and most clerks across Indiana use the online marriage application which has uniform rules.

White adds that whether gay couples have committed perjury is up to county prosecutors to decide. Perjury is considered a Class D felony in Indiana and carries a penalty of six months to three years and possible fine of up to $10,000. White says she can perform ceremonial marriages but stresses she cannot sign any documents that actually make the ceremonies legal.


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