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Indiana Hospital Association Still Assessing Affordable Care Act


Hoosiers start signing up for the Affordable Care Act October 1st.


However, The Indiana Hospital Association expects to begin seeing roll outs next month on how the program will work. IHA VP of Government Relations Brian Tabor says more than 160 facilities across Indiana are focused on many aspects of Obamacare. Tabor says hospitals across Indiana are grappling with $4 billion in Medicare cuts over the next 10 years.

Tabor says they're hoping to enroll hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers in the program to help fill the reduction gap. He says every sector of hospital operations has been impacted by changes brought about by the ACA.

Tabor says hospitals are also looking at $1 billion in federal sequester cuts. He says the year long delay in the employer mandate portion of ACA is helpful for small businesses weighing their coverage options for workers. However, he adds it has created more fiscal uncertainty for facilities across Indiana.


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