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Daniels Responds to Associated Press Article


Purdue President Mitch Daniels says an Associated Press article about him and whether a liberal historian’s book is being used in Indiana classrooms is quote – utter distortion.

The article cites an email exchange Daniels had in 2010 when he was governor with some education officials and his staff.  Daniels indicated then he did not want Howard Zinn’s book “A People’s History of the United States” taught for credit. The story also includes emails from 2009 regarding an IUPUI professor who was a critic of Daniels. He says the two topics are not connected, but were put together for this story and are distorted.

Daniels says he was referring to K-12 public education, and stands by his decision that the book should not be used. Daniels says he supports academic freedom and thinks university professors should be free to include whatever they want in their courses. He reports having a few conversations with some Purdue faculty since the AP story came out, and says those who have heard both sides understand his perspective.

As for the IUPUI professor, Daniels says he questioned whether the state should require it for professional development purposes, not if the content was right or wrong.


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